iTrain Scotland

Here at iTrain Scotland we understand that learning does not stop at the end of your course and carries on when you start practicing all the things you have been taught. Therefore we are now providing 12 months of support from your own personal trainer for absolutely no extra cost and for every course. The average number of delegates on each of our courses is only 4, with a very maximum of 8, giving each delegate the utmost individual attention from their instructor. All of our trainers are not only fully qualified experts in their field, but they are also really nice friendly people who love to teach.

This means that they do not bombard you with IT jargon but tutor you in a way that is accessible and enjoyable to everyone. Our manuals have been written by the trainer who delivers the course, meaning that it is very relevant to the content of your course. Our complimentary lunches are all locally sourced and freshly made on the day.