Home & Business PC Medics

We can setup a new wifi connection in your home or business, this includes setting up existing equipment supplied by your internet service provider or equipment purchased for example from PC World or Ebuyer, Amazon or Ebay. PC Medics can also supply wireless routers, wireless cards to go inside your computer or external usb wifi adaptors. We also specialise in fixing problematic wifi connections, including lost wifi or intermittent connections, poor wireless signal and unable to display this internet page message! If your ISP say they don't support it, we do! Tecteam is also a BT authorised re-seller and can arrange Broadband and Infinity upgrades.

Please click one of the above tiles for examples of the type of computer services we offer. If it's not on the web site please email or call.

Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls to help you fix your computer. In this scam cyber criminals call you and claim to be from Microsoft Technical support.