Holistica Consulting

Just one day can change everything. We've been delivering world class training to demystify IT and Telecoms terminology since 1999. The core attendees of our training events are IT recruitment consultants, HR professionals and those from the operational side of any business needing a clearer understanding of what IT people are really talking about. Whatever your background, it really doesn't matter. We've trained complete novices who would enter the industry as resourcers. And we've trained up the HR divisions of Fujitsu, IBM and ING; people who would soon be expected to mix it with some of the most accomplished people in IT. Everyday we see people who have come into a role where they need to better understand the world of IT, daunted by their new role and knowing next to nothing about technology. But we see those same people walk away with a new passion, energy and confidence about their role now believing that they are going to make a difference in everything they do from here on in.