Ghs (uk)

We are an innovative, dynamic IT company based in Swindon, offering complete solutions to businesses of all sizes. IT is at the heart of every company and we know that downtime or corruption can make or break your reputation. With over 30 years of combined IT experience in retail, Internet Service Provider (ISP) and industrial backgrounds we can deliver a comprehensive knowledge of IT products, network services and solutions - ensuring that GHS can add value where it matters most. GHS provides a range of affordable and customisable support services that deliver a complete solution for your business.

We know that good I.T. systems can fundamentally improve the way companies work - and we respect but relish this responsibility. We expect our customers to increase productivity and in turn for this to be reflected in their bottom line. With solutions ranging from entry level desktop support to advanced predictive remote monitoring GHS have a product or service to match your requirements.