deMont Digital

My experience with Apple computers stretches back over twenty years, during which time I have worked as a designer and illustrator and also as a software application trainer. My background in the creative industry puts me in an exceptional position to understand the problems facing other creative users. I have always been inclined to try and help people understand the complexities of technology in as simple a way as possible. I believe I am well placed to straddle the gap between the "computer geek" and the regular man in the street.

After struggling to install my Apple Airport with no success, I got in contact with deMont Digital Services and requested a home visit. Charlie promptly arrived and in a very professional manner tested and found the unit to be faulty. After I exchanged the unsatisfactory goods Charlie returned and installed the new unit, which is now working fine. Every step of the installation was explained to me in detail, and in terms that I could understand.