Boost Design Training

Boost have established a rock-solid reputation in London and the South West and we are steadily expanding our coverage throughout the UK. Wherever you are, train with us, and be sure you're in competent hands.

Ideal for corporates BEFORE they brief their design agency, and for design agencies who are NEW TO BUSINESS BRANDING. This course is a huge hit with our corporate clients who are experiencing difficulty securing the right design agency for the job - perhaps because they feel they are not being asked the right questions or design supply is generally poor. It helps you crystallise the business objectives, ensures you get maximum value from your design agency, and protects you from some of the pitfalls of using slightly unscrupulous agencies. Agencies also find that this course fills lots of gaps the didn't know existed, by presenting not just the practical but psychological and statistical perspectives.

Ideal for Companies keen to deliver epublishing solutions for their end-clients.